1704 Vestwood Hills Drive

1704 Vestwood Hills Drive

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Home for sale in Vestavia Hills, Alabama!

Call Julie Kim (205) 222-9000, RealtySouth


Home For Sale: 127 N Tryon Street 514, Charlotte, NC 28202 | CENTURY 21

Home For Sale: 127 N Tryon Street 514,  Charlotte, NC 28202 | CENTURY 21

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For more information visit

127 N Tryon Street 514
Charlotte, NC 28202
MLS 3450302

Beds: 2 | Baths: 2

Building Area: 1520 Sq. Ft.

Live in the heart of it all!!Walk to work,nightlife and sporting events.Live above the new 5-Star Ivey’s Boutique Hotel. www.theivey’shotel.com This unit is one of the largest units in the building. Top floor unit with 15 ft. ceilings,windows from floor to ceiling, open floorplan, New granite in kitchen and baths, 2 year old HVAC w/a Nest thermostat, new phillips hue lighting throughout. High end new appliances (refrigerator, washer, dyer included). Brand new fitness center and amenities. 24 hour security. attached guest and resident parking. Parking garage access is located from Church Street, just beyond 5 Church Restaurant. Push button to reach security. Park in guest spots on right side of garage, take elevator to first floor to meet security. 5 Church delivers to units.

Contact Agent:
The Murphy Weber Group
Murphy & Rudolph

Century 21 - NC

Truebloods 2015 Gulf Shores Vacation May 1st

Truebloods 2015 Gulf Shores Vacation May 1st

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May- 2015 Gulf Shores Vacation


3931 Turning Leaf Lp Montgomery, AL 36116

3931 Turning Leaf Lp Montgomery, AL 36116

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Danny Fordham – ARC Realty – Montgomery
For more information:
Published on: January 16, 2019

ARC Realty Listings

Alexa Al-Hameed (Georgia) 2019 Bars vs Alabama 9.925

Alexa Al-Hameed (Georgia) 2019 Bars vs Alabama 9.925

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NCAA Gymnastics

Review of Rich-Uncles real estate investment trust (Part 1)

Review of Rich-Uncles real estate investment trust (Part 1)

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Also view part 2 of my review here

Additional points: It has been suggested that non-traded REIT’s in general are less volatile than publicly traded REITs. This is a red herring assertion on many levels. For starters, if an investor desires less volatility, then non-traded REITs should be compared to REIT index funds. Index funds are inherently less volatile than individual REITs because they are highly diversified. For example Vanguard’s REIT index fund VNQ is diversified across 148 different companies, all of which have market caps of at least 100 million dollars.
Nevertheless, for what it’s worth, are non-traded REITs less volatile than publicly traded REITs? Non-traded REIT’s face the SAME market forces as public REITs. Renters will pay what the market dictates, real estate will be bought and sold for what the market dictates, etc. A seemingly “less volatile” share price of a non-traded REIT can be illusionary and misleading. Why? Let me quote the Securities Litigation and Consulting Group…

“The market price of a non-traded REIT does not reflect the underlying value of the REIT’s holdings nor the potential for future dividend payments. In a free and efficient market, an asset’s price fluctuates with investors’ expectations for the changes in the asset’s future value. In equity market, the share price carries information about investor’s beliefs about future dividends and value growth, including expectations regarding the ability of that firm to sustain its business model. The prices of non-traded REITs do not reflect this information because they are not openly traded – prices are set at the discretion of management, and can be highly misleading as they can be unrelated to the value of the REIT or its holdings. A more accurate measure of a non-traded REIT’s value would be the net asset value of its holdings.”

The idea that nontraded REITs aren’t volatile is a “misdirection,” says Joseph Harvey of Cohen & Steers, one of the biggest REIT investors in the world. He says “You can’t measure the volatility of these investments because they do not trade.”
While they are not exposed to the day-to-day volatility of the public markets, REIT NAVs are exposed to economic volatility. Real estate is not immune to economic changes.

But most importantly, what really matters is the end result (return on investment) when comparing a non-traded REIT to its BENCHMARK — not the S&P 500 index.

Another problem with REITs is that you have the ADDED cost of winding down the whole operation by selling property.

Do your due diligence! Here’s some links pertaining to this review…

UPDATE: According to a YouTube poster, most if not all of the current Rich Uncles dividend is not coming from rental income. He says “The latest financial filing I looked at indicated that the REIT currently is losing money on an operating cash flow basis, which means they’re paying investors with borrowed money or the dividend is really a return of principal.”

If you need money advice then hire a fee-only fiduciary on a one-time or one-task basis. This video is not intended as investment, tax, accounting or legal advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy, hold or sell, or as an endorsement, of any company, security, fund, product or other offering.

the Annuity Slayer

The Bay II Full’m.o.v.i.e’2012’Free

The Bay II Full'm.o.v.i.e'2012'Free

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”^^The Bay II ~~“^The Bay II ‘ (2012) ~~»* ~:W.A.T.C.H. in .H.D.:»»[[[ ]]]«« :~++~ Subscribe on #Youtube ::~The Bay II …


48 Macallister Ridge Millbrook, AL 36054

48 Macallister Ridge Millbrook, AL 36054

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Jane Reaves – ARC Realty – Montgomery
For more information:
Published on: January 16, 2019

ARC Realty Listings

(1978) Alabama Song / David Bowie

(1978) Alabama Song / David Bowie

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Misik Laden

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Part 2: Alabama Army Truck – Big Tires & Big Lift Kits! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 15

Part 2: Alabama Army Truck - Big Tires & Big Lift Kits! - Dirt Every Day Ep. 15

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On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred continues to work on the Alabama Army Truck with some big time upgrades! He continues at Off-Road Connection, in Alabama, to bolt on the new suspension, wheel and tire setup and some lockers all around. See how it turns out when Fred takes the truck off-road!

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Birmingham Al Artist Maria Kalaff

Birmingham Al Artist Maria Kalaff

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Maria is a talented artist located in the Birmingham Alabama area. She makes all kinds of things but specilazes in unique pot holders, aprens and place mats. Contact her at [email protected]

Michael Canada

How To Get Tax Deed Properties BEFORE The Tax Sale

How To Get Tax Deed Properties BEFORE The Tax Sale

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RESPA and TILA Letters Explained

RESPA and TILA Letters Explained

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Overview of what notices to send the borrower when buying a note. In this video we review the RESPA letter and the TILA letter and the differences.

Randy Rodenhouse



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Brick Flair, Alabama

Brick Flair, Alabama

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Greg's Legos