Cave Visit & River Camping // Alabama

Cave Visit & River Camping // Alabama

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A visit to Russell Cave Nat’l Monument, then off to my free campsite on the Tennessee River in Alabama.

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Angela M
  • Pictures turned out great! …even the selfie!
    Nice walkway to the cave, lot of work into building that. Looks like a nice place to ride your bike.

  • Oh wow that sunset was amazing. Beautiful camp site. You sure find some great places. The path through the woods was pretty too but thought it was a bit scary for a young woman on her own. Stay safe, take care. x

  • wow best yet..especially a selfie about midway..January agrees w/ you, wink I wonder about wtr. temp, but that is just me. wink. yes I do appreciate going along on walks, but am weird that way. three states in a a half hour..where else but USofA could that a wtr. kind of person too. have visited all three coasts of usa, during my life..if you ask me "78 was a grand yr. for babies, wink. of all decades in my life '70s was bestest. thx for the distraction. ever a fan Rhonda

  • Great video.. that was a beautiful place….. ruby falls is a great place to visit….. I visited the falls I loved it….good morning from hillsdale Michigan……be safe and good journeys

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