Chris Broussard & Rob Parker 1/8/19 – Discrimination Runs Rampant in the NFL

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker 1/8/19 - Discrimination Runs Rampant in the NFL

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It’s The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker! Chris and Rob discuss Trevor Lawrence’s impressive performance in leading the Clemson Tigers over the Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff championship, and explain why the NFL should allow prodigy underclassmen like Lawrence into the draft. The guys also explain why it’s so frustrating to see someone like Kliff Kingsbury get offered a head coaching job in the NFL when there are so many more qualified minority coaches available, and the guys explain why they have no problem with fans booing when their favorite teams and players under-perform, and The Odd Couple listeners deliver another award-winning edition of Trash Talkin’ Tuesday! Plus, appearances by FOX Sports and NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks, FOX Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt, and former Clemson All-American quarterback Tahj Boyd.

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  • The only problem of a 18 year old in the NFL is handling the injuries. Playing threw pain for 16 games. Using pain killers and pain blocking shots might be to hard for some to handle. At a early age.
    But I would take a chance if it was 18 yr old Larry Allen. Might have been ready.

  • Especially in the nfl where your career is shortened enough anyways. If you are a grown man whether your 18 or 22….if your body is built to handle it you will get drafted. Cfb schools makes to much money off these young men and that's why they make them stay longer……all about the greed of the big schools

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