Communist China Claims to Lift Poverty off The Poorest County in the United States

Communist China Claims to Lift Poverty off The Poorest County in the United States

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A Chinese Communist enterprise founded on state bonds was
said to invest nearly $100 million in a plant in the poorest
county in the United States.

It was reported the production helped local employment
Many Chinese were surprised and exclaimed that it is like
the one who was too poor to afford a pair of pants helping the
one who owns a pair of pants.

It is also questioned exactly how poor is the so-called
poorest county in the United States?
Why would Chinese enterprises abandon the 600 Chinese
counties in poverty but aid a ‘developed’ country?
Let’s take a look.

A state-owned enterprise, the Golden Dragon Precise Copper
Tube Group, invested nearly $100 million in the poorest
county of the U.S., Wilcox County, Alabama.

The new copper plant was reportedly to bring opportunities
for the locals.
It was claimed to be the first new production plant of several
surrounding counties for half of a century, reported People’s

It said, the U.S. officials praised the investment help the locals
to enter the 21st century, and shift from agriculture to industry.
The Alabama governor thanked the Golden Dragon Group
bring better lives for the 500 families in the poorest county of
the America.

This is a day they have wished for more than three years,
said the report.

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily commented, it is difficult to confirm
if the U.S. officials really praised like what’s reported.
However, the motivation of the investment is questioned:

Is it a political, investment immigration, or money laundering
by the state-owned enterprise?

Alabama Department of Commerce reported, “GD Copper
USA now employs about 150 Alabamians at the factory and
plans to employ 300 people there within about 18 months.”

Professor Frank Xie, School of Business, University of South
Carolina Aiken: “In fact, automobiles from Korea and
Germany have huge investment in Alabama, hiring hundreds
to thousands of workers.
It was never said to change Alabama from an agricultural into
an industrial society.
Such a boastful report has really put the Chinese to shame.”

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Wilcox has a population
of 11,000, with the median household income of $ 22,200,
and per capita income of $ 10,900, less than half of the average
in the U.S..

The Communist regime’s data showed there are 592 state-level
poverty-stricken counties in China in 2013, the same as 2012.

Based on the annual per capita income of $200 (1,274 yuan)
issued by the regime Bureau of Statistics,
there are 26.88 million Chinese in poverty.

However, based on the international standard poverty line,
there are 150 million Chinese in poverty.
In the remote and underdeveloped areas of China, the per
capita annual income is 400 yuan (approximately US $62),
less than one percent of the per capita income of the poorest
counties in the United States.

Take Shimen County of Hunan Province as an example.

In order to shrug off poverty, locals have relied on
producing arsenic from realgar for years.
The pollution to the air, soil and water from arsenic has been
so severe that the wheat was found to contain 28 times the
limit of arsenic content.

Locals have thus suffered from the pollution, poverty and
the sickness of arsenic poisoning.

So why would the GD Group aid the poor in the United

Zhang Jian, Chinese issue researcher: “This is an involuntary
Capital flow has continued to be a problem for Chinese
industry, both private and state-owned.
It is safest to transfer overseas via investment.

In foreign countries, the investment is subject to legal
protection, and the people get to maintain their dignity.

The Golden Dragon Group is a joint-stock company with
state-owned shares.
Managing the state key technological transformation projects,
the Group has received multiple Central leadership visits,
and bond funds in 2001 and 2003.

Zhang Jian: “As a darling of the regime, it is fully aware of the
risk of being the darling today, but the prisoner the next day
for ideological mistakes.
I believe it is an inevitable choice and trend for any one to
abandon the Communist Party.”

The People’s Daily reported that Chinese investment in the
United States this year is likely to exceed the amount of U.S.
investment in China.

International real estate consulting firm, Savills, showed data
that indicates Chinese injected $ 13.5 billion into overseas
real estate markets last year, more than twice the amount two
years ago.

A survey has also shown that 80% of the rich Chinese wish
to send their children to study abroad.



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