Durham City Council Jan 7, 2019

Durham City Council Jan 7, 2019

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Call to Order starts at 1:50
Moment of Silent Meditation starts at 2:20
Pledge of Allegiance starts at 2:40
Roll Call starts at 3:13
Parks and Recreation Accreditation Designation starts at 3:35
Honoring U.S. Chess Champion Sabina-Francesca Foisor starts at 11:33
Celebrating and Honoring the Life and Service of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. starts at 19:57
National Mentoring Month starts at 26:33
Announcements by Council starts at 35:03
Priority Items by City Manager, City Attorney & City Clerk starts at 35:51
Consent Agenda starts at 42:12
3. Bloomberg Mayors Challenge Grant starts at 44:13
8. Habitat for Humanity of Durham Affordable Housing Development Project starts at 49:16


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