I Hear You – Margot Robbie Tells the Story of a Syrian Law Student

I Hear You - Margot Robbie Tells the Story of a Syrian Law Student

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The ‘I Hear You’ project is video series that highlights the real life, word-for-word stories of refugees from around the world.

The actors are speaking and interpreting the words of refugees who have fled danger and are unable to tell their stories publicly due to threats to their security.

In this film, actress Margot Robbie gives voice to a young student who fled Syria.

Find out more about about the refugee crisis and please support Oxfam’s work at:

  • As a member of a minority community who is rarely portrayed accurately across multiple interpretations in media forums I am hurt watching this video because as a viewer, I'm expected to see this European actress as a refugee from Syria. I completely understand the pain an individual might not want to live through in speaking for themselves, but this portrayal smacks in the face the idea that communities are organic structures that are not on size fits all, have their own identities, and produce individuals with all different sorts of ideas and abilities. You've proceeded to reduce a Syrian refugee's experience to how it would be portrayed by someone who is so far removed from understanding the emotional conflicts this woman might be going through that even her acting seems forced. Please take some consideration for the ableism you are promoting here. I realize I am but one voice in a crowd of billions, but utilizing a platform where individuals are trying to find equality by ignoring the cultural and community driven atmosphere people come from does more injustice than you can imagine

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