Instant Reaction: Michigan adds Alabama OC- Gattis

Instant Reaction: Michigan adds Alabama OC- Gattis

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Today Jim Harbaugh added Alabama offensive coordinator Josh Gattis to the Wolverine staff. I think this is a huge get, it signals a transition (hopefully) from the power run game to a more modern spread attack utilizing the wide receivers. it was reported today, too, that Gattis will call the plays next season. The news also ends a string of negative stories from the last two losses and 2 coaches going to OSU…instead something to be happy about! Go blue!

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  • Patterson sucks. He's too small and has ZERO arm strength. If Harbaugh wants to keep his job then he has to go with Dylan McCaffrey

  • I think this is great, only if Harbaugh hands over the keys to the offense and see what this offense looks like with some spread

  • Look peeps.. I dont care if you bring Bill Belechick/Sean Payton/Buddy Ryan to coach U of M you dont have the Talent to be where Alabama, Clemson, OSU are..

  • Gattis was an up and coming guy at Bama. This is a good hire. Bama was not really a spread team, but they ran a lot of multiple receiver sets. They also used Irv Smith their TE as an athletic hybrid. Which Nick Eubanks can be used as. Now I know why Gentry left!

  • I agree with you, plus alabama and nick saban think like harbaugh so they will be comfortable with each other but updated.  I just hope that Don Brown will change up his defenses vs. very good teams (IE, use man to man most of the year, but change it up against OSU , and againsg any playoff caliber teams or bowl game teams()

  • He has never been a full time OC so time will tell if he's a good hire or not. Nick Saban make everyone look good under him.

  • It's a great move. As an Ohio State fan, it isn't good news. I can see how Harbaugh finally got desperate enough or was told by someone to get something done with his offense. This will also give Michigan a guy who can recruit some of the athletes from Georgia and the rest of the southeast. Now, whether or not these kids can be lured away will depend on whether Harbaugh really lets this guy run the offense.
    If he does, things will change and Michigan will doing what everyone who has opened up their offense is doing, score points. If not, it's an exercise in futility. Remember Michigan fans , temper your excitement, your academic standards will still be prohibitive to recruiting southern talent like the football factories in the South.

  • Congrats JH and to Michigan fans. This IS a signal that Jimmy is finally admitting what we've known all along.

    UM has some outstanding WRs that will excel in the new system. Crossing fingers our rivalry is finally back!

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