is the deep state so frightened that they would do away with 8 world leaders

is the deep state so frightened that they would do away with 8 world leaders

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  • Search Bern, Switzerland & Devils Triangle, Switzerland to see street statues of Reptile beings eating babies from their hands.
    Search Asana,Kazakhstan to see the NWO H.Q city. That is where the Reptile beings that survived Noe's Flood came out from underground.

    All world leaders are percolated up thru anti-God Jesuit/Zionist Freemason sects, since Adam & Eve time. Only the highest leader knows for whom all Freemason sects actually serve.

    CIA/MI-6/Mossad are the Reptile's enforcers.

    Catholic Popes Clement, and John Paul 1st & 2nd, and Prezs Cleveland, Lincoln,JFK, Reagan wouldn't obey orders & were kylled or wounded. Prez Trump is in danger for disobedience to them also.

    All wars & social upheavals from beginning of time were/are instigated by the Reptile beings thru their Freemason agents.
    Even Mohammed was coached by Knights Templar Freemasons in the Qu'rish Midian tribe, to create Islam.

    In beginning all were White people. Then divisions into Adam's righteous White posterity, Cain White anti-God Freemasons & cursed Black folk. Reptile beings are pre existent beings and demons (jinns,skin walkers, etc. have no bodies).

    The Kazakhstan Swiss Luciferian Reptile families delegated British Monarch as worldwide head of all Freemason sects (used to be Spanish Monarch) and the Jesuit controlled office of Catholic Pope as head of the Knights Templar/Malta sect of Feemasonry.

    CIA/MI-6/Mossad are their enforcers. The London International Banking Cartel are their money system controllers. British Admirality controls legal system thru British Accredition Registry (BAR) associations.

    Do not despair for the Reptiles & their Freemason agents can be kylled, exposed and protested against.
    God has numbered their days and their days are dwindling fast. :.

  • Dave Janda is very reputable and has very high sources. He's not just giving his opinions on what he reads on line or consulting his girlfriend!

  • As a Catholic, Im waiting, just waiting, for Federal and State Authorities to bring to justice the leadership of my Church. In fact, it may have already begun.

    The Vatican, IMHO, is an important cog in this Globalist wheel. Devout Catholics are actually praying for this. We are tired of the corruption. Yes, you read correctly.

    This will likely mean that all Church items, land, buildings, etc will be confiscated but we are beyond caring anymore: justice must be served and meted out.

    As an example, The Archdiocese of LA has forked over $750M ( you read correct ) paying out 508 victims of abuse. 80% of victims are men. Parishioners money is going to these
    Payouts. Parishioner money is going to fund the protection of Bishop McCarrick. Parishioner money fuels and finds egregious behaviour.
    We are beyond enraged at this point.

    The Diocese of Detroit has quietly switched over all governance, and land titles, over to a “non-profit”. Why? By having a non-profit run things, priests and bishops can legally claim “plausible deniability” moving forward.

  • I remember Hillary Clinton was on talk show, a few years after the Clintons had left the White House, and she mentioned that there are many, many, would be political disasters that are averted before they happen and most of the time the American people are not even aware of what could have happened.

  • We have no idea what President Trump faces each day regarding his briefings. I can only imagine some of the decisions he has to make. May God bless President Trump and his family! God bless all and have a good night!

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