Nick Wright: Kyle Kuzma’s development is critical to the Lakers success | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright: Kyle Kuzma’s development is critical to the Lakers success | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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Nick Wright reacts to Kyle Kuzma’s first career-high 41-pts in win vs the Detroit Pistons. Hear why Nick thinks Kuzma is critical to the Los Angeles Lakers future.

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Nick Wright: Kyle Kuzma’s development is critical to the Lakers success | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
  • the main difference I see between kuzma and BI is kuzma is jacking up a bunch of 3s. i am not ready to say kuzma is better the BI. BI length is scary on defence. kuzma has a really nice floater and some hooks. ingram is two years younger than kuzma. I still think BI has a higher ceiling.

  • CC has the inside track on Kawhi and keeps mentioning Lakers having a shot at him….. still interesting!!! They are not out of it the way the media and other GMs in the polls indicate.

  • Looks like Nick Wright never played Basketball. It’s was obvious that Kuzma had the basketball iq and skills to be an elite player. Lonzo Ball is definitely not one of those players.

  • I’m not trading Ingram or Lonzo for anybody rn except for AD if anything I’d trade Kuzma cuz I can get another Kuzma from anywhere Lonzo and Ingram are once in a life talent and potential

  • As a Lakers fan he is untouchable in any trade simple as that. He is older yes but still only 23. Let him play and learn from Lbj on how to be a pro

    I wouldn't even trade ball because he gets treated unfairly due to his father talking and magic saying leave some of my records. He has the qualities like Jason kidd and plays defense so surround him and Kuzma with shooters and I can see Lakers having real success. Media wants Lakers to trade everyone to get AD but it's way too early to give up on ball and Ingram

  • the lakers would be stupid if they think about trading Kuzma and keeping brandon ingram, nick wright always want to trade somebody.

  • Why is everyone so fascinated about getting rid of all the young guys. What if Cousins comes back and is the same player you could sign him, you telling me. Zo,BI,Bron,Kuz,Cousins that’s a championship with Hart and others coming off bench

  • With out watching, They need him to be an all star caliber player caz Lebron isnt that good to win on his own. They'll either keep him or use his cheap contract to trade for a star player. Sad, caz got that juice and will be a great player.

  • God these clowns are so adamant that the Lakers are going to get another star in the summer, it will be even funnier when they don’t lol

  • What has been proven over the last 8 games is that the Lakers NEED LeBron. They are 3-5 without him and have gone from the 4th seed in the West to the 8th just two games above the playoffs line. I broke it all down on my channel today.

  • What about this… Trade Kuz, Kcp, and some picks or get a third team involved to get Anthony Davis. Then Sign Klay in the off season. The lineup would be.


    This to me would be a perfect team because you have two elite players in Lebron and Davis with a third star in Klay that doesn't need the ball to be extremely effective and has already made a career from being a third option. This would free any pressure on Zo and Ingram to be scorers and they can focus even more on being elite defenders which they already are at a young age. Klay and Davis are also great defenders. Also playoff Lebron is also a great defender too. If Ingram worked on his shot he could be one of the best 3 and D players in the league.

    This team would be experienced, versatile, athletic, fast, and extremely long with loads of scoring and smothering defense.

    Obviously a lot would have to go right for this to happen but I don't think Kuz is untouchable if you can get Davis for him.

  • This show has no credibility it is a set full of Laker/Lebron fans.
    They are never balanced and give a perspective of both sides.

    I tried to watch it but these guys get emotional when anyone challenges Laker or Lebron fans.

  • Ingram was never a blue chip to me , dude had a horrible rookie year and only scored a few points after on a bad team

    Kuzma is showing out on both ends of the floor , we need to stop gassing Hart that man isn’t a sharp shooter , he isn’t a starter either

    Anybody except kuzma is star potential

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