Skip and Shannon: Giving the Cowboys a shot to upset the Rams? – Undisputed

Skip and Shannon: Giving the Cowboys a shot to upset the Rams? - Undisputed

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Nick Wright
  • I was at the game Dal vs Raiders in 93. It was 98k in the Coliseum and it was at least 50k Cowboys fans…it will be jus like when we played them in the preseason in Daks debut….that game a preseason game had 80% Cowboys fans in the stands….will be the same this Sat. Dal 26 LA 18

  • Everybody has a chance, all these teams are playoff teams, so at this level, everybody has a chance, but I think the Rams will win this game, because the cowboys just barely beat a Seahawks team with basically no offensive weapon besides Russell Wilson and Lockett, and now they face a team that can also run the ball if they wanted to

  • This turd is just another in the hate the boys crowd. A bad pick? HOW about a NON PI call on that pick you moron. As for the dinking around…LOL was Wilson on the field while we wer dinky the clock down? We scored where and when we had to, and in doing kept them off the field.

  • Shannon acts like every game should be a blowout for Dallas. How many close games did the Broncos win when he was on the team? Not to mention Broncos couldn't go anywhere until Dallas and San Fran started to lose all their talent, and the NFL employed the hard cap to limit Dallas and San Fran. If not for that, I doubt Shannon ever gets a ring.

  • National media are so ridiculous. They literally pick Dallas to lose every week. And at some point they are eventually right, and then they get to say I told you so. It's the same thing as picking heads on every coin toss, even if it turns up tails 10 times, at some point it will pop up as heads.

  • Damn people hating on the cowboys yet they scored the most points on wildcard weekend and were the only home team to win

  • I like to see Shannon and Rob eyes when the Cowboys dominate the Rams like deers in the road about to get run over by a big truck buck eyes

  • I'll side with my Cowboys. Rams 2-2 in last four, haven't played in two weeks, Gurley hasn't played in 4 weeks, and Rams don't have a real home field advantage. It's not going to be a real road game for Dallas. Cowboys 21-17.

  • Btw, about the redzone troubles? I fully say, give it to Dak. Dak in the endzone can get it in on the ground more times than not. They are going to be wanting to stuff Zeke, and they are going to be covering Coop. Give that grown ass man the rock, or throw it to Jarwin.

  • Rob Parker isn't impressed by Tom Brady, and doesn't think he's that great. And he's got 5 rings and 8 Superbowl appearances…

    It's pretty obvious he just doesn't like the Cowboys (Much like he doesn't the Pats), and even if they go all the way and win the SB he won't give them credit.

  • this guys argument ended when he said that he would CONSIDER the cowboys contenders if they win the superbowl lol the fuck?? thats like saying I'll consider giving you chemo if you die of cancer first.

  • If u was blind and listen to rob parker and Shannon you would think the cowboys lost the game and have a losing record smh

  • This guy is a joke. Last week it was, "They cant beat Seattle. Until they win a playoff game I wont be in." They beat Seattle and now it's, "Well, until they win the super bowl, I wont be impressed." Seriously!? Those are pretty high standards to have for a team just to say, yea they're playing well.

  • I went to see the Cowboys train once! I remember TO was on the team i was like 12? I remember TO responding to a fan " Hey if you dont like it, why dont you come over and try catching these balls"
    Alotta Dallas fans there lol. But werent the Rams in LA before they moved to St. louis?

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