01-12-19 (City of Houston) W. Alabama Armed Robbery

01-12-19 (City of Houston) W. Alabama Armed Robbery

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Armed robbers go after gun store, get shot by owners | New York Post

Armed robbers go after gun store, get shot by owners | New York Post

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Two thieves didn’t get what they expected after attempting to rob a gun store with an owner and an employee inside. Owner of the store, Jimmy Groover, fired at and killed one of the armed robbers sending the other running. Groover and his employee were not harmed.

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“Most Armed Man in America” on guns

"Most Armed Man in America" on guns

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Michael Koenigs @MikeOnABikeABC reports on Colorado gun shop owner Mel Bernstein who casually known as the “most armed man in America” after acquiring thousands of high-powered weapons, bazookas and machine guns.

His firearms collection dwarfs the number of guns — 47 — allegedly found in the Las Vegas hotel suite and two homes of mass shooter Stephen Paddock, for instance, but the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is unable to confirm whether Bernstein has amassed more weapons than any other U. S. gun owner.

“ATF cannot quantify who possesses the most firearms in America because there is no database to reference this information,” an ATF representative wrote in response to an inquiry from ABC News. “A firearm registry or database of individuals who own firearms regulated under the Gun Control Act (GCA) does not exist.”

Bernstein says he has amassed over 4,000 weapons at his Colorado Springs compound, where he also keeps military-style vehicles. The weapons are registered in his name, he says, and he also rents and sells machine guns to his customers.

His gun shop, six shooting ranges, military museum, paintball park, motorcross park and home are located on the 260-acre property known as Dragonland.

“We’ve been selling more guns in the last three weeks than we have in the last eight months,” Bernstein said of his firearms shop called Dragonmans.

As for gun ownership in general, about 3 percent of Americans own about half the country’s 265 million guns, according to a 2016 Harvard-Northeastern survey. Such “super owners” possess an average of 17 guns each, and an estimated 133 million guns in total.

“If anybody comes on your property and threatens you with bodily harm, it’s legal to shoot them, [according to] Colorado law,” Bernstein said as he drove toward his one-story house in which he keeps M-16 machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, and multiple handguns around his bed.

In August, four people used Bernstein’s truck to smash into the Dragonmans gun store and steal 84 guns, police said. Federal authorities have since arrested four suspects, including his stepdaughter and step-grandson, who now face felony charges in connection to the theft of firearms from a federal firearms licensee. They have not entered pleas.

In 2012, his wife, Terry Flanell, 51, was accidentally killed by a smoke bomb on the property while filming a reality-TV pilot for the Discovery Channel.

Now, his home — decorated with jukeboxes, vintage Cola-Cola memorabilia and model cars — reminds him of a bygone era.

Bernstein also keeps four female mannequins at the home. “I need someone to talk to, to tell them my problems,” Bernstein said.

He added: “This whole house fixed up like this puts me back in my era, back in the sixties where I belong.”

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2011 West Virginia University Marching Band Armed Forces Salute

2011 West Virginia University Marching Band Armed Forces Salute

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No celebration of our freedom can be complete without a tribute to the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much to preserve and protect our country. The WVU Band presents our “Armed Forces Salute,” which features a medley of the songs from all branches of our great military.

This selection will close with a stirring rendition of “America, The Beautiful.”

• The United States Army!
• The United States Coast Guard!
• The United States Marines!
• The United States Air Force!
• The United States Navy!

No one can argue the great service that the men and women of the armed services have provided to our nation over the centuries. By serving in two World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, and in the war on Terror, as well as continually providing support and aid to those in need when all types of disasters strike, our American service men and women have made us all swell with pride.

Therefore, we pay honor to all the brave men and women who helped to make, and continue to make this country, the greatest nation on earth!

The WVU Band would like to thank the following individuals for helping to make our Patriotic Show possible:
• J.T. Martin Fire & Safety of Clarksburg, WV for the assistance with the fire extinguishers
• Dr. Jeffry Johnson and the members of the WVU University Choir and Women’s Choir
• Stu & Joyce Robbins for their generous donation that purchased our large American flag several years ago.

Thank you to all of these individuals for their support of the West Virginia University Marching Band!

Fans of the WVU Marching Band are asked to check out our web site at Photos from this show can be found at

There you can also find links to follow the band on both Facebook and

Now it is easier than ever to support “The Pride.” The WVU Foundation is offering alumni and friends 3 ways to donate to the Pride Travel Fund by mail, phone, or online.

Anyone interested in making a gift, or contributing online or by mail to the Pride Travel Fund may do so by contacting the WVU Foundation, at 304-284-4000 or by visiting

Thank you for your support of “The Pride.”


Burglar caught in act by armed homeowner

Burglar caught in act by armed homeowner

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An armed St. Pete homeowner caught a burglar going through his house and ordered him to leave.

ABC Action News