A Tour Inside My OTS Dorm Room

A Tour Inside My OTS Dorm Room

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Welcome to Coffee with Chris. In the final days at OTS, I had the opportunity to record the room here I stayed for the better part of 9.5 half weeks, enjoy.

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Coffee with Chris

DORM ROOM TOUR | University of Alabama at Birmingham

DORM ROOM TOUR | University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Hey guys it’s Sydney and i am back with a highly requested video, a tour of my dorm room. Sorry to leave you guys hanging without a video but I am FINALLY proud with the outcome of this video and am currently OBSESSED with my dorm and I hope you enjoy it too! Just some information I go to the University of Alabama at Birmingham and currently live in the new freshman residence hall.


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Very Honest Dorm Room Tour- The University of Alabama, Pres 2

Very Honest Dorm Room Tour- The University of Alabama, Pres 2

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Please excuse some parts of the video in which our rooms were a little messy, a majority of this was filmed right before we had moved out so things were a little crazy. We lived in Presidential Village at the University of Alabama in PV2. The dorm room shown is a suite-style dorm room so we actually had two other roommates but they chose not to be filmed. They did give me permission to put their dorm rooms in the video, but we later removed that portion. As I previously said, this was actually filmed right before move out so a lot of our stuff is already packed away and I also forgot to film my actual room tour so I did add in some extra pictures towards the end of my room before I got a dorm room change from when I lived in Ridgecrest South. Also, you may have noticed an awkward portion of the video where the music changes, that is where the 2 other roommate’s footage used to be so please just excuse it.

The song in this tour is Tongue-tied by grouplove.
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Dorm Life Essentials: What to Pack for College Dorms!

Dorm Life Essentials: What to Pack for College Dorms!

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In which we share our essentials checklist for what to pack when moving into a college (or university) dorm! Have some of your own to add? Let us know in the comments! (A special thanks to the many folks who have sent in requests for this video. We’ll be back to our regular non-university videos next week. Hope this helps!)

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