How to Do the CDL Air Brake Pre-Trip Inspection | Air Brake Smart

How to Do the CDL Air Brake Pre-Trip Inspection | Air Brake Smart

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Inspection of air brakes is ‘MUST KNOW’ for a CDL license – watch the video! CDL IN-CAB Air Brake CHECKLIST: SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ►

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Introduction 0:03
Prologue 2:05
Air Tank Inspection 2:45
Under Hood – Driver’s Side 4:05
Under Hood – Passenger Side 6:09
Rear of Vehicle – Under 6:46
Rear of Vehicle – Top 7:31
In-Cab Tests 8:33
Brake Tug & Response Tests 17:29
Conclusion 18:16
Question – Are you required to do the Pry Bar or Applied Stroke method to check air brake adjustment? 21:47
Blooper 22:49

The pre-trip inspection determines if the air brake system is safe and that the vehicle can be operated on public highways. The air brake pre-trip inspection can either be done independently or as part of the entire vehicle pre-trip inspection.

For the purposes of a CDL (Commercial Driver’s Licence) in the United States, Canada and other countries you must be knowledgeable in air brakes. The air brake course consists of both a theory or knowledge and practical portion.

The knowledge component of the air brakes is complicated by the fact that the air brake courses that are being taught are 40 years old. And because these air brake courses are 40 years old, everything and the kitchen sink are part-and-parcel of these courses.

In the above video, we do a stand-alone inspection of the vehicle’s air brake components. The first steps of any pre-trip inspection are to chock the wheels, release the parking brakes, and ensure that there is more than 90psi (pounds per square inch) of air pressure in the system. When releasing the parking brakes, put your foot over the brake pedal in the off chance that the wheel chocks do not hold.

The air brake pre-trip can be done in different sequences and that will depend on different driving schools. For this sequence, we inspect the air tanks first, and if it is an older system, you drain the wet tank first to ensure that the one-way check valves are working. If the one-way check valves are working, you know that the dual air brake system is also working.

You then inspect all the components outside the vehicle starting under the hood on the driver’s side. And using the pry bar (free-stroke) method, inspect the adjustment of the air brakes. As well, your mantra for the inspection is: “secure, not damaged, not leaking.” Approximately 75% of the components in the vehicle have either air or fluid in them, so you say that the component is not leaking.

After completing the inspection outside the vehicle and determining that all components are operational, you go in the cab and inspect:

1) governor (minimum & maximum settings)
2) low-air warning
3) spring brakes apply automatically
4) compressor (build-up)
5) leak test

The last test for the air brake pre-trip inspection is to apply the parking brakes, remove the wheel chocks, and then do a tug test on the parking brakes and a response test on the service brakes.

The last part of any pre-trip inspection is to fill out the paperwork, which is a legal document. And the pre-trip inspection form must be filled out as part of the driver’s daily tasks.

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How to Pass a Driver’s Licence Road Test First Time | Road Test Smart

How to Pass a Driver's Licence Road Test First Time | Road Test Smart

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Do you want to pass a driver’s license road test first time? Watch the video to learn how. PASS YOUR ROAD TEST FIRST TIME CHECKLIST: SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ►

On road test day, your job is to take away the driving examiner’s right to fail you – nothing more, nothing less. If you’ve practiced, that job is a simple task.

Driving is NOT a spectator sport, and you must practice to be prepared for road test day. Remember, we do what we practice, so the more you drive in preparation for your road test, the higher probability of success you are going to have on your driver’s license road test day.

If you haven’t taken driver training with a driving school, be sure to hire a driving school to take you out on a mock road test. A driving instructor will identify the gaps in your driving abilities, skills, and knowledge so you will be better prepared. Keep in mind, driving schools teach drivers how to pass a road test every day!

Importantly, if you make a mistake on the road test, move on quickly – do not dwell on the mistake. If you dwell on the mistake, your distraction will cause you to make more mistakes. And some times the driving examiner may not have even seen the mistake.

Speed and space management are the 2 biggest components of a driver’s license road test. Be sure to drive the posted speed limit for the speed of the traffic flow – whichever is less. As well, stay away from other traffic, vehicles, road users, pedestrians and fixed objects.

In addition to speed and space management, observation and communication are the other two fundamental components that make up a road test. You must demonstrate to the examiner that you have a scanning pattern that allows you to interpret and predict traffic patterns. As well, the scanning pattern is looking in the mirrors and monitoring the gauges on the dash of your vehicle. And for the purposes of observing, you must shoulder check at least twice for every turn and lateral movement. You must shoulder check two times when making lane changes.

When communicating with other traffic, you must activate your turn signal approximately 1/2 block before making a turn. And it is suggested that you have three flashes on the turn signal before making any lateral movement or lane changes.

To review…the 4 fundamental components of any road test are:

1) speed management
2) space management
3) observation
4) communication

Demonstrate competency in these 4 basic components of the road test, and you will have taken away the examiner’s right to fail you.

Good luck on your road test.

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Alabama Real Estate Training: Smart strategies for hiring new agents

Alabama Real Estate Training: Smart strategies for hiring new agents

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– If you are a real estate broker, you always have to keep an eye out for new and fresh talent. The economy and the housing market have picked up lately, creating a lot of openings for new agents. To find the best agents, you need to look at fresh faces outside the industry as well as seasoned veterans. To see the reason why, watch our latest video!

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