How to Start Black Businesses

How to Start Black Businesses

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Black Owned Business App
Black Trade Lines is a company that uses technology to empower African American businesses.

Poverty is an economic problem that has dynamic and social effects on society.

The African American community has a staggering national unemployment rate of 34%, and a parallel youth national rate of 57%.

My name is Nicole Choice and I am a brand ambassador for BlackTradeLines.

BlacktradeLines is a company that uses digital technology as a platform to empower African American businesses.

With one out of five African American households living in poverty, we understand the economic plague that is sweeping our community.

For this reason our company has adopted technology, a pulse initiative; a vehicle to help combat this problem.

Our core mix of products and services ranging from stores to mobile applications are tailored to get the african american dollar circulating back again within the community; establishing a framework for economic growth and sustainability.

Our approach is your approach, a broad footprint that answers that question; “Where do we start.”

We are calling on like minded individuals, ones that are not afraid, ones that have a breath of character, to join this movement. To make us believe again and bring our community back from economic extinction.


Fire alarm start to sound off at Birmingham Alabama

Fire alarm start to sound off at Birmingham Alabama

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Eric DeCosta To Start Ravens GM Job This Week

Eric DeCosta To Start Ravens GM Job This Week

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Eric DeCosta, who started as a scouting intern with the Baltimore Ravens in 1996, will begin his new role as general manager this Friday.


Start A New Life Free Of Liberals With “Conservative Move” (HBO)

Start A New Life Free Of Liberals With “Conservative Move” (HBO)

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You can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends. And if they start to vote differently than you, some families are willing to pick up, leave and find new friends. Sick of states that permit legal marijuana? Same-sex marriages? Laws that permit transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice? What if there were a better way?

Last year, VICE News went to McKinney, Texas to check out “Conservative “Move” – a real estate company that says it has the solution to living a life free of liberals. They’ll try to find you a place to live, a job with a decent wage, and the best schools for your children, in Texas or any other Republican stronghold.

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Alabama Live WSFA News: Start 2019 Fresh With a New Years Financial Resolution

Alabama Live WSFA News: Start 2019 Fresh With a New Years Financial Resolution

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Learn some tips for the new year to help establish good credit.

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Do you need a CDL to start a car hauling business

Do you need a CDL to start a car hauling business

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Do you need a CDL to start a car hauling business?

PLEASE READ: I want to make sure this is clear so there is No Confusion. If you plan to drive you will need a CDL A depending on the weight. If over 26k lbs which if you’re hauling 3 or more cars will probably be close if not over, then you need a CDL A. This video is for people who plan to put a driver in their vehicle but wanted to know if they need a CDL to just start the business.

Hope this clears up the confusion. 🤓🤗



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Skip and Shannon react to Alabama’s No. 1 ranking to start the 2018 season | CFB | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon react to Alabama's No. 1 ranking to start the 2018 season | CFB | UNDISPUTED

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk Nick Saban. Hear what they had to say about the Alabama Crimson Tide head coach on today’s show.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip and Shannon react to Alabama’s No. 1 ranking to start the 2018 season | CFB | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

How to Start a Gas Station Business with Shabbir Hossain on the Immigrant CEO Show

How to Start a Gas Station Business with Shabbir Hossain on the Immigrant CEO Show

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Check out for more info!

Gas station business guru and the #1 coach for gas station owners Shabbir Hossain, a Bangladeshi American, talks about what it takes to start a gas station business and what mistakes to avoid

Li Lin

Champions of Change: Head Start

Champions of Change: Head Start

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The White House Office of Public Engagement honors 11 individuals from Head Start programs across the country who have demonstrated a commitment to delivering on the promise of Head Start in their local communities. Over 45 years after its inception, Head Start continues to serve as a national laboratory for how we think about educating and caring for our youngest, most vulnerable children. June 18, 2012.

The Obama White House

Start Buying Tax Liens Online Today With This Guide By Ted Thomas

Start Buying Tax Liens Online Today With This Guide By Ted Thomas

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Start Buying Tax Liens Online Today With This Guide By Ted Thomas. This is a walk through of how to buy tax liens online through the Florida online tax lien purchasing website as an example of how easy it is to do.

Transcript is as follows:

1. Ted Introduction: “Technology has made buying tax liens online a much simpler process than when I began teaching and guiding others how to buy tax liens over 25 years ago, most government agencies selling tax liens have significant resources online to help investors research liens and the property which may have the back taxes owed. Couple that with the numerous private websites, where an informed investor can go to research the properties involved in the online auction, and many investors do all their property research online from anywhere in the world, before buying at an online tax lien auction. The process is straight forward as is demonstrated by Keri Goff in this video of buying tax liens online at an actual live auction. As with all investments poorly selected investments can lose money, so it is important to understand investing in tax liens before investing your money. More information is available on my website:

2. Online buying demonstration from IBGS class 16: Registering and bidding on tax lien certificates (Keri Goff) So what we are going to do today is we are going to go through the Brevard County Florida online taxing certificate purchasing process. We are going to start at the Brevard County tax collection site,, and we’re going to click here where it says “start here” and we’re just going to review the rules real quick. First thing I’d like to know is how do I pay for my deposit and liens purchase. So I’m going to click on that.
All this information here tells us we’re going to have to do a fund transfer at time of registration and put on a deposit before we can bid on any of the items. I’m also going to check here on bidding rules. And this will tell us everything we need to know about the auction rules and it’s definitely important to make sure we know all these rules before we begin. Let me go back to home and we’re going to begin by registering.

We are going to register as EIAN, and we’re just going to fill in this information. Now we’re going to fill in our contact information. We are buying this within a corporation, and therefore everything will be done with our primary name on the winning certificate as our company name. This could be anything from a corporation to an LLC. And now we’re going to enter in our mailing address where our mailing certificates will be sent to.

Next, now we get to set up our username and our password and we’re also going to select a security question so that way nobody can hack into our account. Okay, now our registration is complete. You can see that we have our bidder number, our username and our password which is blurred out but it is there. Last but not least, the user agreement. And there is also a notice to bidders that you have to agree or not agree with, and it’s important to read all of this.

Okay, so this brings us to our summary screen. What this is it’s going to show you all your awarded certificates and your bids. Now what we’re going to do to get started is we’re going to come over here to this sidebar where it says make deposit. And this deposit is going to allow us to actually make bids. We have to fill in our banking information at this point. Your routing number, your checking number, which can all be found on your personal checks or your company checks.

And then you get to enter your deposit amount which is 10 percent of the base value, or 100 dollars, whichever is greater. And then this is your authorization, your agreement for the electronic payment which we will authorize. And then you will return to your account homepage.

Ted Thomas

Refinance with HARP and Start Saving | Quicken Loans

Refinance with HARP and Start Saving | Quicken Loans

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The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) could help you save hundreds of dollars every month on your mortgage, even if you have little or no home equity.

To find out if you qualify for HARP, call us today at 800-QUICKEN or visit

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©2000 – 2017 Quicken Loans Inc. All rights reserved. Lending services provided by Quicken Loans Inc., a subsidiary of Rock Holdings Inc. “Quicken Loans” is a registered service mark of Intuit Inc., used under license.

Quicken Loans

Start a Cosmetics Business with No Money

Start a Cosmetics Business with No Money

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In this video I answer a question from one of my readers Judith:

“Dear Evan, I have a question for you: is it possible for some one to start a business with very little capital or no capital at all and grow like Pierre Omidyar and like what type of business, because here everything you try is very hard to achieve.

I am looking at cosmetic business. I want to try this business but the challenging part here it’s so competitive.



Evan Carmichael

Looking for the Ultimate Rare & Affordable Coins? You Should Start Looking for These!

Looking for the Ultimate Rare & Affordable Coins?  You Should Start Looking for These!

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As a tribute to the passing of a long time contributor to the coin community, we look at one of the more affordable and most unique error coins one can collect. Enjoy!

Essential Coin Supplies & Books






















Please watch: “Common Dated Dime & Penny Sets Record Prices! – MONDAY MARKET REPORT Dec. 23, 2018”



Pallet prices start at under $250 – Truckloads Under $4,000

Pallet prices start at under $250 - Truckloads Under $4,000

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Home Décor, Comforters, Small Furniture, Flatware, Bed In A Bag® Sets, Dinnerware, Tabletop, Towels, Table Linens, Accents, Lighting etc. Everything You Need and More! “Client Recommended”

The perfect companion for just about any store and we have customers doing very well with this merchandise on eBay!


Cashflow Clubs – How To Start A Cashflow Club –

Cashflow Clubs - How To Start A Cashflow Club -

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Cash Flow Clubs Are Great For Networking. Here’s How Real Estate Investors Start A Cash Flow Club…




Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got quick video on how to start a Cash Flow Club.

What Are Cash Flow Clubs?
Ever hear of Robert Kiyosaki? Author of the “best-seller series” Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and real estate mogul… Well he designed a series of cashflow board games, Cashflow 101, Cashflow 202, and Cashflow for Kids.

The Cashflow games teach accounting, finance, and investing, and emphasize the importance of wealth-creating principles. The purpose of these games is to teach investors how to recognize opportunities for wealth in everyday life. There have been many people have applied these “game” principles in their own life to achieve financial freedom.

The best way to play the Cashflow game is to find a group of like-minded players who are committed to creating their own wealth. Playing Cashflow with friends and family, unless they share your financial ambitions, more than likely won’t benefit you.

So tons of investors all over the nation have organized these cashflow clubs for networking, and to learn some valuable life lessons. So what i’m going to do is teach you today is how to get one of these cashflow clubs up and running…

Setting Up a Cashflow Club

1. Place an ad in your local paper. You can use craigslist, greensheets, your local online paper.

2. Book a location – coffee shop, meeting room at your local library, office meeting room, real estate office, hotel conference room, or even your own home if you are comfortable with that.

3. You need 3-6 players per game, so you can start with a very small group. If no one in the group owns a game, you can agree to purchase your first Cashflow 101 game together. Or you may choose to buy your own game. Cost for Cashflow 101 is about $85ish bucks on Amazon. Cashflow 202 is about $45ish dollars.

4. As your group grows, good to ask players to contribute a small sum to cover venue costs, photocopying and refreshments.

5. Continue to place your free monthly ads to keep building the group.

6. Network – collect email and contact info for the group and send out monthly reminders regarding dates for future games.

7. Once you’ve mastered Cashflow 101, you may wish to move on to the challenge of Cashflow 202. Less experienced members and beginners can continue playing the 101 game.

8. When your club is up and running you can add it to the list of worldwide clubs on the Rich Dad web site. You’ll be amazed at how many local people will find you through this list.

Setting up a cashflow club is a great way to network with people who have similar goals and aspirations. Many times you will meet other real estate investors or professionals with a range of expertise that will often supplement your own projects. The Cashflow Games are national and widely sought out for, so if you don’t have one in your area, its very easy to start one, and its a very cheap way to build a like-minded, wealth building network.

Cashflow Clubs:

Again, this is Frank Chen with Please take the time to leave your comments for this video below and please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’ll be automatically notified when we upload more quick video tips for you. Take care and good investing.