UK Government’s Envoy to the Commonwealth Mr Philip Parham address the youth

UK Government’s Envoy to the Commonwealth Mr Philip Parham   address the youth

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Mr Philip Parham speaking on the occasion said, the message being spread through Agaaz-e-Baatcheet of peace and prosperity is in harmony with the principles which drive the Common Wealth, which is an association of 53 independent and sovereign states, who cooperate with each other to make the world a better place to live for their own citizens and for the wider international community. The last Common Wealth meeting of Prime Ministers made some very ambitious commitments, which needs to be fulfilled before the next Common Wealth Meeting of Prime Ministers. The Commitments they made are about security, about prosperity, about fairness and about sustainability, the same principles which this initiative is working towards. On Security, Common Wealth has a program to counter violent extremism, also on Cyber security, working to counter human trafficking, child labour, sexual exploitation of children on the internet, to make the world more secure. We are also making the world more prosperous by initiating steps to make it easier for Common Wealth countries to trade with one and another and to invest in each other and prosperity helps to reinforce security, fairness. Also working on an ambitious project of every single child of Common Wealth to have at least 12 years of quality education, in this context the British Government is contributing to ensure quality education for girls in nine countries. One theme prevalent in all this is the theme of youth, 60% of the Common Wealth population is under 30 years old, everything we do we think in terms of its value for the youth, who is going to posses the future and what we initiate now is what impacts their future. There was also a youth forum at the last meeting attended by youth from all the Common Wealth countries, where Prince Harry has been named the Common Wealth’s Youth Ambassador, he is now trying to do many things to promote the interests of youth, including promoting employment, study and scholarships. It’s not all about what the Common Wealth can do for you, also about what you can do for the Common Wealth, the youth can transform the Common Wealth, some of the youth who are models for others through their work are being recognized for the work they are doing, he said.

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